6.5x25 CBJ Frangible

Full caliber frangible projectile

6.5x25 CBJ Frangible

Full caliber frangible projectile

The 6.5×25 CBJ Frangible has a full caliber projectile made of sintered metal powder. The bullet has very low penetration and completely disintegrates when hitting a hard object, causing no ricochets. As a low cost training round for target shooting, it is effective out to 150m with good precision. As a combat cartridge for use in very sensitive environments, it is effective against soft targets within 80m with pistol or 100m with SMG, after which lethality quickly declines.

The 6.5×25 CBJ Frangible projectile is lead free and is excellent for use in all environments where lead is a health problem, like at indoor shooting ranges. The ability to knock down all commonly used steel targets, while still not cause any dangerous ricochets makes it suitable for competition shooting and advanced training.

Key benefits:

  • Low cost
  • High hit probability
  • High wounding effect
  • Limited lethal range
  • Minimum penetration of hard objects
  • Increased safety during training
  • Low wear on training facilities
  • Non-toxic

The image shows one unfired 6.5×25 CBJ Frangible projectile next to the collected powder from 10 fired projectiles at a steel plate at 1m range

Typical training application

Short range (up to 150m) training round, used primarily for target practicing and training in urban warfare facilities. One big advantage is that the frangible projectiles will not ricochet when hitting hard targets, or even the edge of a hard target. If the projectile hits anything with enough force to change the trajectory, it will disintegrate into powder and not cause any dangerous shrapnel.

When shooting at metal targets, like the popper in the picture, the high energy of the 6.5×25 CBJ Frangible is enough to confidently knock them down, even with non favourable hits, like the one on the left, closer to the hinge of the popper. A factory loaded 9x19mm projectile would in most cases not be able to knock this target down with a similar hit.

Typical combat application

Very sensitive environments, such as public areas, nuclear power plants or operations inside buildings with high risk of friendly fire and with presence of innocent bystanders etc.

Targets appear at short range and without protection and in most cases there is a need for instant incapacitation of the target.

The 6.5×25 CBJ Frangible will disintegrate when striking hard objects, but will not fragment when passing clothes or soft tissue. This assures that the bullet will have sufficient penetration in soft tissue to be an effective combat cartridge against unprotected targets within combat ranges up to 50m.

Shown below is the effect of the 6.5×25 CBJ Frangible in bare gelatin. Important to notice is that the bullet does not disintegrate or fragment in the gelatin. Below is the Wound Profile of the test, which visualizes the permanent and temporary cavities.


Several tests have been conducted with the 6.5×25 CBJ Frangible and the normal hit pattern at 50m range is all hits within a 50mm circle, which is identical to the HET.

The picture to the right shows typical hit patterns fired under field conditions (outdoors shooting range and weapon fired from the shoulder) at 100m.

The target used has a scoring area that is 500mm in diameter, and 25mm distance between the scoring lines.

Technical Data

Cartridge weight:      7,5g

Projectile length:      11,4mm

Projectile diameter:   6,5mm

Projectile weight:      2,5g

The graph to the right shows the trajectories from different barrel lengths. The X-axis is in m and the Y-axis is in mm.

The graph below shows the muzzle velocities from different barrel lengths at different ranges. The X-axis is in m and the Y-axis is in m/s.
The graph below shows the muzzle energies from different barrel lengths at different ranges. The X-axis is in m and the Y-axis is in Joules.